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Welcome to the home of Vague Entertainment. Here you will find information about our current projects, personal blogs, and how to contact us if you have a game or application idea you would like created by our company. Stop by often to see how things are progressing and drop us a line if you have any questions.




We all have a story to tell, let Vague Entertainment help you tell yours.


Vague Entertainment has been creating games and interactive content since the beginning, (over 8 years ago). Utilizing industry standard cross platform tool kits and Open Source tools. Below are some of the current projects Vague Entertainment is actively developing.

Code Breakers: is a logic puzzler based on the classic Master Mind table top game. Created for System76’s Super Fan competition it was designed developed and distributed in little under a month.

Num Nom: Created as a gift to his sons, Benjamin Flanagin, created an early childhood math game using creatures drawn by his boys Liam and Seamus. Featuring random generated, but solvable, math matching games it can be found on Ubuntu (via Snap) Android, and iOS.


WayFinder gaming system: Hybrid board game with a SciFi setting. (currently under development)


Along with games and other interactive content. Vague Entertainment creates applications to suit the needs of the users and contributors. 

CafeSync: CafeSync is a location-based “card” sharing service that connects you to those around you. Whether you are a business, artist, musician, or any other person who needs to get noticed, CafeSync aims to make it easier.

HelioGraph: Post what you want, how you want. If you own the rights to post it, we wont censor it. However it is up to you to rate offensive material so that others can filter it out if they so choose. HelioGraph wants will remain free of ads, free of tracking, and beholden only to it’s users.

3D Models

Over the years Vague Entertainment has created numerous 3d models for use in video games and print-ables.  (Clicking the image will take you to their associated page)


RogueBots: Created by Kate Hazen of System 76. I fell in love with their potential, and created 3D assets for the use in games and other media. (please note that the eyes are not exactly as Kate intended but for the toys we had to change the general eye design)

Conceptobots:More from the imaginative Kate of System 76. This was the first true collaboration between she and I on a professional level.  Check out the video made for the event. You’ll be glad you did.


Vague Entertainment is a new kind of software company. One that puts people over profit and ideas over income and one that puts the community in charge of what projects we work on. For more information on how to help develop, submit your ideas, or to help fund further projects and people at Vague Entertainment. Continue reading “About”