About Us

Vague Entertainment is dedicated to making quality games and applications for all electronic platforms. In whole or in part our team can rise to any challenge. Our core beliefs are: that every story is worth telling, that all programs should be cross platform (within reason) running on the three major Operating Systems [Ubuntu Linux, Apple Mac OS, Microsoft Windows ], and that every project deserves equal footing with in the company.

The idea is simple, Vague Entertainment (hence forth refereed to as VE) will make your game or application for the systems and/or consoles of your choice for a fee. The amount you pay is depending on how much you have already done, how complete the idea, what kind of continued support you want on the program after creation, and of course the systems it will be published on. The development process will be as transparent as possible with bi-monthly updates to the client during the creation process and the client will have a voice in steps toward the final product.

Its not all money and profit though, we will strive to make it possible for anyone to have their game created. With a non-profit model and with a democratic, community based, voting setup any game or application can be created at no cost to the original client.


With over 20 years of combined experience VE’s current team is ready to tackle any challenge. So…what’s your Idea?¬† Check out our pricing plan here and if you think we can help. Share your ideas¬† by emailing us at:


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