1.0 Relased

After months of development I present to you with mild trepidation CafeSync 1.0

What it can do:

  • Share cards passively based on wifi connection (not GPS so laptops, desktops, and businesses with wifi hotspots can join the fun)
  • Swap cards via one time codes for when you want to actually talk to people,
  • Save cards for later viewing
  • Call, text, email from info page.
  • Every user gets 2 cards, one for themselves and one for something the love (or work)
  • Custom plugins for various sites. Etsy, Youtube, Linkedin, Twitter ,Facebook (currently broken due to facebook being goofy), WordPress,Deviant Art,SoundCloud
  • Sync cards to multiple devices, connected to the same account.
  • Tablet mode (Ubuntu Touch)


To go along with the previous post. We will be using scrapers to cut out the bits of the site that are needed and throwing away the rest.  With our KickStarter…starting in the next couple days we wanted to list the sites that will get the scraper treatment. In no particular order but based on current users.

Most Important:


Here is the new Twitter Layout, if you saw the old one you would agree this is a HUGE improvement.







New facebook layout. They both still need a little work. But gets the job done.



screenshot20160218_124020350Sound Cloud

Soundcloud Screen update,

I’m still working on being able to play the tracks but you can already get the poster album vibe. You can also tap anywhere on the screen and be taken to their sound cloud page.

screenshot20160223_183313573Word Press

Blog posts are working, be sure to add a description or you will be greeted with just the title.








This is the auto generated Tumblr scraper.

Thank you Tumblr for being so easy and elegant.








screenshot20160229_221855573 screenshot20160229_221900304Linkedin:

See the users published articles as well as their stats.






Nice to haves:

Deviant Art:  DA uscreenshot20160223_183250991ses a standard XML/RSS feed for all its artists! Lucky break for CafeSync for sure.








Site layout

When we first set out to create CafeSync we had intended to do as little as possible, and thus give the end users the most flexibility when it came to  the sites that were connected to the cards.

Unfortunately, the hands off approach tends to lead to unforeseen rendering issues on each platform. The most obvious issue thus far has been with Sound Cloud. On Ubuntu Touch the site renders beautifully, plays flawlessly, and for a time could even be setup as a background “sound track” as you looked at other cards. On Android using the same code it looked and acted like garbage.

So now a split lane approach needs to be taken. With the mobile client having scrappers created for each site to give a preview of sorts for the site in question. Tapping on the card will open the site in the browser or the associated application if one is available. Where the Desktop version needs to be smart enough to know that it can and should render out the content natively.

In the end this will most likely make the service better,  though it will require more work for yours truly.



Web Dashboard

CafeSync locations will an important part of the CafeSync ecosystem. They give both the end users, the extra benefit of longer exposure times as apposed to non-cafesync locations. It gives the Location the benefit of having a card that doesn’t self destruct on the mobile device the end user is using giving the location a better chance to advertise to the user in a meaningful way.

The Location DashBoard will be where the owner of the Location account can:

  • View and edit their account
  • View the current CafeSync cards they are sharing with those that use the service
  • Have up to the minute graphs outlining the kinds of people that come to their location based on the category set on the card.

More features will be added as we get feed back from the users.


CafeSync-Node (IoT)

One of the goals of the CafeSync project is to find new and inventive ways to help both the end user (those with the mobile devices) and the businesses that they frequent. With that in mind CafeSync for Locations was born. A special kind of card that has unique properties that the standard cards don’t have.

  1. A standard card self destructs after 3 days if not saved on the clients device. Location cards do not, they can however be manually deleted.
  2. Locations keep a record of who has come into their shop even after the 3 day deletion has occurred.  This is used for Analytics to better serve their customers by giving insight to who the customers are.
  3. Standard “Mobile” users disappear from the network after a period of inactivity.  Location cards do not.

CafeSync-Node (Syn-Cup)

Then it hitMock Up me, what if the Location could display the card information to their customers. Giving those that use CafeSync a special reward in the form of exposure.  Enter the Syn-Cup…or SyncUp…or CafeSync-Node.



  • Wifi hotspot
  • Caching transparent proxy
  • Filtering of NSFW content based on age rating set by owner
  • Integrated captured portal page for shops that don’t have one already.
  • True Syncing between it and the master server to speed up card syncing to the mobile devices.
  • Ability to isolate Internet traffic and shape it for public use
  • Web UI for the owner
  • Digital Bulletin board for the Guests (optional)
  • OpenSeed game integration (when the API is complete)

This is just a concept now but with the years of system setup under my belt, and all that I am learning about Interface design (No really I am learning stuff). The funding is all that is really lacking.



New Desktop layout

With rewrites a plenty CafeSync is starting to normalize with this Default Desktop look showing info about YOUR card on the right. This is replaced with the selected cards info once selected on the left. Sliding the right screen to the left will display the card’s sites.


Road Map

1.0 release features

  • Location based card capture (currently disabled for beta)
  • Base station PC client that syncs with mobile card captures
  • Facebook,G+, etc. auto detection and display modification (currently the raw sites don’t look that nice)
  • Search
  • Save/Delete functionality
  • Picture upload for cards
  • Optional card back graphics. (possibly for supporters)
  • “Fixed location cards” for businesses
  • Android / Ubuntu Touch Clients (Might be stuck at 0.99) for a while.


  • Tighter integration with systems the software is on
  • IOS support (will require backers)
  • Tablet support on Android (will require backers)
  • Smart watch support check in with a touch of your hand.


  • OpenSeed profile mode. Games and other stats that use OpenSeed.
  • Plug-in Friendly Desktop Client for  things like Mail client integration.

API for Developers (Open Seed)

There are multiple levels of how Open Seed will interact in the users daily life. For any Developer that uses the service it is a way to collect high scores, achievements, and users. It will also link those players to the rest of the cafe-sync service so that the same user will be able to link to any other application that uses the service without registering for another service.

How is this different than Google or Facebook? Good question, Vague Entertainment in no way wants to use this data to sale anything to the user, Nor will it require them to put in any information that may compromise them in the future. We want users to feel comfortable using your game or application knowing that our services are for them not for a convoluted (but admittedly profitable) business model.  In the coming months we will have a closed beta sign up for those interested in helping shape the API before it becomes mainstream. Please email ideas@vagueentertainment.com to be added to that list.

You are more than the sum of your parts