New Feature – The Codex

Well, it seems I haven’t much choice in this we need an encyclopedia for every WayFinder application. And because the Studio is being created first, I’m adding it here.

“Why do we need a Encyclopedia?” you may ask. We dear reader, we need it because when you are making your art, or adventure, or new fancy item or race (was that just a spoiler for something?)  it helps to know what already exists, further more it is needed for when you are setting up the encounters that will make your story shine.

In other news:

In the next week or so I’ll be adding a whole host of pages to the site in order for everyone to keep track of the work. With this becoming my main project I need to better document it’s development and to keep everyone abreast of the progress.

Story Mode

With the Artist area getting close to feature complete I have moved on to the much more complicated task of Adventure Crafting.

With a simple to use setup page you can start weaving your tale by filling out the forms below.


After that the rest of the story is done per map.  Shown in the images below.

WayFinder-AdventureMap1And one filled with colorful things.


There is still a lot to do, and now is when I have to start working with the huge database of OGL pathfinder information.




The Complexity of “Making it simple”

With WayFinder I never want the users to think. Did I save that? Did it update on the server? Are people looking at my work? I want it to be understood, and automatic. This has become quite the undertaking. From the “heartbeat” monitor to make sure the client is connected to the quick transnational  updates to the server. To the little things like creating files that don’t exist on the target, from bytecodes to save bandwidth. It is hard to make it look easy, but when it is done I’m sure it will be the standard of how we do things at VE.

WayFinder-Studio (Artist)

After working on the import scripts for the GM tools it dawned on me that a good community needs a strong start. To that end, I have shifted my priorities and have turned my attention to the Studio. When complete this will allow Writers, Artists, and Users create and share content between members of the network. Have a story arc you think others would enjoy? Want a special Class or Race that you have been working on in your home brew games? Have a unique talent with the pen? Then the studio is the place for you.


I will be focusing on the Artist area first as it has the fewest moving parts, but done right it could be a boon for those able to take the images in their head and show them to the world.  It will also give others the chance to show support to the artists by paying for commissions. Or donating to the artists they like. This will be the the main goal for the week, with the hopes to have a fully function Art center for users on Saturday.

Things sometimes take longer than I give them credit for. But we continue to improve and now it is nearly fully functional. With only some minor server sync issues.



Import All the things

Today marks the first day of serious development on the WayFinder application suite.

For the development log, I will start each day with the planned features and end the day with screenshots of the work.

Stop by often as I will update this throughout the day.

Today’s tasks

  • build database import scripts
    • Armor
    • Weapons
    • Spells
    • Items
    • Skills
    • Feats
  • build searchable system with in main interface.


Augmentation not simplification

WayFinder at it’s core is a way to augment your table top game experience. It doesn’t aim to remove rules or control the way the GM wants the game to be run.  Nor does it aim to replace tools like Hero Lab or the good ol’ fashion pen and paper approach to the game.

What we are attempting to create is a character management system that gets out of the way of the actual game and give the GM an overview of the characters within the game to keep them in line and more importantly to keep the storyline moving.

We are fast approaching finalizing our road map for the application and should have screen shots of the application as it develops

Sound interesting? Want to know more? Check out the roadmap and come back often to see how it is progressing. If you would like to be involved in the development of the application feel free to drop us a line on Facebook or twitter. Look for Vague Entertainment.