WayFinder-Studio (Artist)

After working on the import scripts for the GM tools it dawned on me that a good community needs a strong start. To that end, I have shifted my priorities and have turned my attention to the Studio. When complete this will allow Writers, Artists, and Users create and share content between members of the network. Have a story arc you think others would enjoy? Want a special Class or Race that you have been working on in your home brew games? Have a unique talent with the pen? Then the studio is the place for you.


I will be focusing on the Artist area first as it has the fewest moving parts, but done right it could be a boon for those able to take the images in their head and show them to the world.  It will also give others the chance to show support to the artists by paying for commissions. Or donating to the artists they like. This will be the the main goal for the week, with the hopes to have a fully function Art center for users on Saturday.

Things sometimes take longer than I give them credit for. But we continue to improve and now it is nearly fully functional. With only some minor server sync issues.



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