Road Map

The core idea behind the Way-finder apps is to create a more approachable method to creating,  maintaining, and improving  your characters , and campaigns . It also aims to be a creative frame work for artist and writers who want to be recognized for their work.

Not features:

Native local program not  a web app

GM tools can create local server for non internet enabled locations

Asynchronous connection to server when local server used. Changes updated to server once internet connection is restored.

Asynchronous database connection, for all races,items,abilities,etc. For speed.

Character locking (once you are in you are in) .

Creative tools  1.0

  • Scenario editor
    1. Create, save, and share custom story arcs
    2. Map editor for encounters
    3. Store manager
    4. NPC creation and management
    5. recommended party settings (for games that require a certain class for certain areas)
  • Art studio
    1. Character art upload and request dialog
    2. Creature art upload and request dialog
    3. Item art upload and request dialog
    4. Manage your art (delete, update,rename)
    5.  Check to see who is using your work
  • Class / Subclass creation

GM Tools 1.0

  • Scenario selector
    1. See preview of story
    2. See recommended level for story
    3. If open to public see rating and rate the game after you play
  • Map View
    1. Show current location of players and NPC’s
    2. Highlight moment options of current character
    3. Show affected areas of spell or effect.
    4. manage init of each combatant in area (automatic or manual)
    5. Allow  players or NPC’s to leave area  assuming that there is another area in scenario. If there are no other areas GM can choose how to proceed.
  • Player View
    1. Check on vitals
    2. Read backstory
    3. inventory
    4. monies
    5. spells
    6. abilities
    7. Ability to reveal things to them
    8. Ability to hide thing from them
  • NPC View
    1. Check on vitals
    2. Manage HP
    3. Movement
    4. abilities
    5. loot (once dead)
    6. xp awarded after death (if you do the XP thing)
  • Store functions
    1. Auto create store stock
    2. Add NPC shop owner
    3. Add side quests for added fun / frustration
  • Player Management
    1. Add / Remove players
    2. award XP
    3. award loot
    4. Give back things when player goofs or you do (that never happens though)

Player Tools

  • Characters
    1. add/delete character
    2. manage skills / abilities
    3. Easy mode leveling (based on other user averaging)
    4. Find/Download/Request custom art for characters
  • Map View
    1. Show where you are
    2. show visible things
    3. give extra sensory information (based on skills / abilites)
    4. link with GM to reveal/hide/affect your map
  • Play Mode
    1. Show Vitals
    2. Quick access to abilities
    3. Auto math all the things
    4. Allow GM control
    5. toggle auto rolls (for when your dice hate you)
    6. notifications when something is happening to you.
    7. Subtle changes when “favored enemy” is present.