WayFinder is a suite of applications designed and developed by Vague Entertainment to augment the Table Top RPG experience. Using modern electronic devices as a key part of the dynamic experience.  note: This is a living document check back for updates regularly.

Some of the planned features are as follows:

  • Custom campaign management with the ability to share the story with other WayFinder  users.
  • A player management system that automatically does the maths needed to complete the action, maintain inventory, counters for multi turn effects,etc. The ability to “role for you” but as an options set by the player or by the GM. (who doesn’t like roling dice?)
  • A GM management system that allows for granular control over the game. From what items / classes / races will be allowed to client controls. No more odd duck characters sitting down at your table without you allowing it.
  • A market place for artists to display their work and possibly get some script for it.

To  do this we a splitting the tools into three parts, this way each tool can be updated and tweaked to serve each facet of  the community better. Below are the three main components as they are planned thus far.

Studio: The wayfinder studio is for creators whether you are story teller or an artist looking to turn your hobby into a way to make a little extra money the Studio is the place to start. It will also allow anyone to create their own classes / races / and items to be added to the database. These custom items can be turned off by the GM in a per game basis.

GMTools: Control how you want your game to be run, whether fully reigning on the applications (Both GM and Player) to play in a small environment where maps and books are too much to ask for (in the car maybe?) or Hybridized to your liking the GMTools should be versatile enough for any game to be played through the system without forcing everyone to have the applications but made better for those that do.

Players: The Player app will be designed to take all the guess work out of your character. XP,lvls,bonuses,spell slots, spells left, etc. Will all be managed by the application. As time passes and more users are using the application it will also be able to give users suggestions on what skills and abilities they should consider at each level.