WayFinder gaming system

Wayfinder is Vague Entertainment’s first foray into the Table Top Gaming world.  Based on the idea of a “hybrid” game play style it replaces cards, dice and rule books with a simple to use, and engaging smart device interface while still maintaining the board game feel. With Vague Entertainment’s dedication to Community and FOSS ideals Wayfinder and its extended universe should be a great addition to the avid “meat space” gamers and smart phone / tech enthusiasts alike.

WayFinder Extended Universe  (WFEU):   Before we get into the technical side of things we should take a moment to define the WFEU. In essence WayFinder isn’t just a game but  a series of games and content created by Vague Entertainment and those that wish to create games and content based on places, characters, and themes found within the canonical WayFinder source. Anyone wishing to make content based on WayFinder has every right to do so, as all canonical content will be released under the Creative Commons License (the exact license has yet to be decided).  Furthermore, any content generated by those not directly connected to Vague Entertainment, have a chance to be included in the cannon given certain criteria is met. All attribution to the  3rd party material will of course go to the creators, and monetization is a possibility though the way this will be done has yet to be decided.

WayFinder Mobile:   This is your portal into the WayFinder Universe.  Here you will find both means to play the game, manage characters, preview missions and explore information about the universe. During the game it will act as your “controller” as well as creating ambiance to the game through sounds and vibration.

WayFinder Fleet :  Each commander (account) can install an application on their computer and create a “Ship” for any available faction within the WayFinder universe (limited to the USC at launch). This application works both as a central point to download and distribute game content for local games, as well as having a local story arch that adds  extra features to the experience. It also  gives content creators a way to give back to the game in the form of new missions, crew members, equipment, or any other content.  This content will only be available  on that ship until the request to add it to the cannon is received by Vague Entertainment and all criteria is met for inclusion.

Game Modes:  There are three main modes of play for any given WayFinder game each with their own pros and cons depending on your setup. No matter which way you play the game should still feel like a true WayFinder experience so there will be no bad option.

  • Shared Device:  This mode is by far the simplest way to play. A single player downloads and installs the application on their smart device and that device is passed between players to play the game. Progress for the game is saved to that device and any levels or paths unlocked will only be available when that device is used.  Great for one off games, or places that have no or limited connectivity.
  • Local Game:   Using the WayFinder Fleet application on a local computer allows you to have any number of devices connect to your “Ship” any missions, crew members, paths, and levels that have been unlocked for your ship will be available to the players.  This does require a network connection to the computer running the fleet software, but does not require Internet connectivity except when downloading the content to the computer. This will also allow players to play custom missions designed by the person running the ship.
  • Web Connect:  Every player has a device, and every device has an Internet connection.  Each player has their own achievements, levels, and equipment based on the crew member that they play.  At the beginning of a new mission. the player can choose any crew member  that they own regardless to what the others players have.  Missions that are considered canon can be played as they are on the main server, but no custom missions are available and all players must have access to that mission before the game starts.  Note: Once a crew member has been added to the game they can not be used in other games until the mission is over this is to avoid cross game contamination.

Game Play:  This is still being tweaked, and don’t you think I’ve given you enough to read?

Replication Services:  One of the things that sets WayFinder apart from other games is that once you have installed the application (and setup an account) you have access to the standard set of game pieces that you can download, and print on your personal 3D printing device.  If you don’t have a 3D printer or can not access one for a reasonable price. We will print and send you these pieces for a fee*  . We will also have suggestions for alternative methods to play if owning cool stuff isn’t your thing. (Card stock tiles, and checkers would work).  As new characters are created their 3d printable models will also be made available for  printing or purchase*.

*This is a free service for those that pay $10 or more a month

Monetization:  As stated several places on our website Vague Entertainment is a community funded game and software company. Our commitment to the ideals of Free Software and Creative Commons Licenses is as much a part of this endeavor as any other.  That being said we can not create / distribute / maintain things that cost more than what they receive, and with this project we will see a much broader range of requirements. (Writers, Developers, 3D artists, sound techs,  moderators) So, with that being said, we will attempt a tiered subscription service style approach to WayFinder.  The first mission will for ever be free, and yours to play at anytime. However,  those that support us for as little as 1 dollar a month will have access to any new missions and playable characters as a part of the service, if you cancel the service you will still have access to any of the missions or playable characters you have downloaded, but will not be able to continue collecting until your service is restored. Further more if you  opt to pay 10 dollars, or more, a month we will print and send you any new pieces at no extra cost to you.  Everyone will be able to freely download and install the Feet software and create local games with or without a subscription. However, you will not be able to share your creations with others or have access to canonical missions or new playable characters without a subscription.

Subscription services will be handled by Patreon and we will link your account there to your OpenSeed account based on email address (if you have multiple email accounts you will need to let us know).  It is also worth noting that any existing or future projects will also be covered by your pledges to Vague Entertainment on Patreon.  To get a full list of what you would get for what you put down just check out the Patreon page, and consider the costs.

When!:  Ah there’s the rub. We have the general game mechanics down, and our prototype board pieces are created. We’ve tested the game to great success internally, and plan on taking a fully hashed version of the first mission to a local library in the coming weeks. What we lack now is art assets, and a professional grade 3D printer for the afore mentioned replication service.  Our goal is to get everything ready during the100dayproject that goes on between April and July. If we’re lucky we will have enough community support between now and then to purchase the needed printer and have it setup right as the software hits the store. If we fall short in the 3D printer department we should still have everything done on the software side to launch.